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DIVIN (pronounced Dive In) is a career development program created to directly increase the number of Black and Brown qualified candidates available for the corporate workforce.  We provide career development and whole life management tools, giving individuals a winning advantage. DIVIN provides access to training, resources, mentors, advisors and advocates who guide individuals in securing professional level employment.

By partnering with schools and community based organizations, we have become a key link with underrepresented talent. Our workshop facilitators and mentors are well rounded professionals who understand the population we serve based on first hand experience through life or relationships developed over years of service. 


Our workshops include:

- Resume Writing

-Interview Skills Training

-Social Media Management

-Time Management

-Goal Setting

-Financial Literacy

-Mental Health and Wellness

-Customized topics available based on needs within local communities


If you are interested in partnering with DIVIN, please contact us at the link below. 

Contact us here to explore the best offerings for your students/youth

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